Specific relief act

Provided that the said period may be extended for a further period not exceeding six months in aggregate after recording reasons in writing for such extension by the court. Temporary and perpetual injunctions. B requests C, A's attorney, to bid for him. C may obtain the cancellation of the forged instrument.

B contracting orally to pay rent at RM per mensem. Provided that the plaintiff has not failed to perform the contract so far as it is binding on him. Discretion of the Court Discretion as to decreeing specific performance The law creates an obligation on A to restore the same quantity of stock to B, Specific relief act B may enforce specific performance of this obligation.

There upon D gets possession of the land and produces a forged instrument stating that the conveyance was made to B in trust for him.

If making specific performance generally available would change contracting behavior for the better, it will be a desirable change. Liquidation of damages not a bar to specific performance On adjudging the rescission of a contract, the court may require the party to whom the relief is granted to make any compensation to the other which justice may require.

Specific Relief Act 1963

Where an instrument is evidence of different rights or different obligations, the court may in a proper case cancel it in part and allow it to stand for the residue.

Such a plaintiff remains without a remedy. Moreover a particular contract is not an isolated transaction. A cannot enforce specific performance of the contract.

Also, courts can direct disputing parties to bear the fee payable to such expert, as it may appoint in relation to such proceedings. Z may be compelled to deliver the idol to A. Before the completion of the contract, A becomes mentally disordered, and C is appointed his committee.

The remedy, and its contours, affect the manner in which parties will negotiate their contract, the terms of the contract, how they will perform it, how they will renegotiate in cases of difficulty, and whether they would like to continue performance when performance becomes too costly.

Provided that where only a part of the loan has been advanced the lendor is willing to advance the remaining part of the loan in terms of the contract; or ii to take up and pay for any debentures of a company; b where the suit is for,— i the execution of a formal deed of partnership, the parties having commenced to carry on the business of the partnership; or ii the purchase of a share of a partner in a firm; c where the suit is for the enforcement of a contract for the construction of any building or the execution of any other work on land: B may obtain the cancellation of the policy.

Try out our Premium Member services: Alternative prayer for rescission in suit for specific performance. In the interest of, and pursuant to the objective of achieving certainty, provision should have been made relating to the contracts to which it will apply.

Court may require parties rescinding to do equity.

Malaysian Legislation

Any person having the possession or control of a particular article of movable property, of which he is not the owner, may be compelled specifically to deliver it to the person entitled to its immediate possession, in any of the following cases: These conditions are also recognized by international documents and conventions viz.

Preventive relief how granted. A failure at one place could cause serious dislocation to economic and social life. The case is one for compensation and not for specific performance, the amount and nature of the accommodation and appliances being undefined. Specific Relief 29 a where the contract is voidable or terminable by the plaintiff; b where the contract is unlawful for causes not apparent on its face, and the defendant is more to blame than the plaintiff; and c where a decree for specific performance of a contract of sale, or of a contract to take a lease, has been made, and the purchaser or lessee makes default in payment of the purchase-money or other sums which the court has ordered him to pay.

This type of remedy is known as preventive relief.

Specific Relief Act 1963

Z may be compelled to deliver the idol to A. Where an instrument is evidence of different rights or different obligations, the court may in a proper case cancel it in part and allow it to stand for the residue. B may be compelled to perform his part of the contract by paying the purchase-money.

Who may obtain specific performance. Provided that the company has ratified and adopted the contract and the contract is warranted by the terms of the incorporation. A plaintiff instituting a suit for the specific performance of a contract in writing may pray in the alternative that, if the contract cannot be specifically enforced, it may be rescinded and delivered up to be cancelled; and the court, if it refuses to enforce the contract specifically, may direct it to be rescinded and delivered up accordingly.

The contract contains mistakes as to the name and rights of the client, which, if construed strictly, would exclude B from all rights under it. The picture is painted. Provided that where no such damages have been claimed in the plaint, the court shall, at any stage of the proceedings, allow the plaintiff to amend the plaint on such terms as may be just for including such claim.

Except as otherwise provided by this Chapter, the specific performance of a contract may be obtained by-- a any party thereto; 22 Laws of Malaysia ACT b the representative in interest, or the principal, of any party thereto:Nov 17,  · The Specific Relief Act, is an Act of the Parliament of India which provides remedies for persons whose civil or contractual rights have been violated.

It replaced an earlier Act. Nov 17,  · Section 34 of Specific Relief Act reads as: “Any person entitled to any legal character, or to any right as to any property, may institute a suit against any person denying, or interested to.

This Act may be called the Specific Relief Act, (2) It extends to the whole of India except the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

(3) It shall come into force on such date1 as the Central Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, appoint. The Specific Relief (Amendment) Act, (Amendment Act) was published in the official gazette on 1 August The Amendment Act has been introduced with the primary intent of introducing greater certainty in enforcement of contracts and enabling faster and easier enforcement of contracts and.

Specific relief is given-- (a) by taking possession of certain property and delivering it to a claimant; (b) by ordering a party to do the very act which he is under an obligation to do; (c) by preventing a party from doing that which he is under an obligation not to do.

The following Act of Parliament received the assent of the President on the 1st August,and is hereby published for general information:— THE SPECIFIC RELIEF (AMENDMENT) ACT, NO.

18 OF [1st August, ] An Act further to amend the Specific Relief Act,

Specific relief act
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