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In truth, in any group of people, there are a diversity of learning styles and behaviours. Tabling the legislation in parliament, the Prime Minister, Robert Menziesstated: Our flag is sending the message that we are far prouder to be united with Great Britain than our own people.

Arguably, the stereotypes of Aboriginal learning styles are defined to justify the style of teaching, not to meet the needs of Aboriginal students. For example, an Australian with a ute may have a bumper sticker stating, "Real Australians drive utes" which might offend those Australians who don't but still consider themselves real Australians.

They are performed before many political rallies, school assemblies, civic openings, art exhibitions, public service information sessions, weddings, sporting events, and basically any place where people gather.

Voting rights When the colonies of Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and NSW framed their constitutions in the s, they gave the vote to all male subjects over the age of 21, Aborigines included.

Aboriginal leader Warren Mundine subsequently criticised Martin and stated: Aboriginal people have never wanted to be equal with the white people of Australia. England is on the over side of the world. In Walker versus New South Walesthe High Court also used the precedent of the Mabo versus Queensland judgment to state, "Mabo is entirely at odds with the notion that sovereignty adverse to the Crown resides in the Aboriginal people of Australia.

Racism in Aboriginal Australia

The stars are a reminder of Australia's geographical location, as this constellation can only be seen from the southern hemisphere. Perhaps this was because most activists and politicians felt that in order to be a unifying campaign, it needed to be one campaign not a state-by-state campaign.

Unlike the Federal government's previous legislation, the criteria was designed to preserve traditional culture rather than aid economic advancement.

Employers must accept any document listed in the INS Handbook for Employers, and may not arbitrarily specify an INS document, or require additional documents. Because the government has been very open to such requests, it funds cultural awareness lessons for police, social workers, health workers and teachers.

Furthermore, the judgement stipulated the Crown was the sovereign power of Australia. Supporters of changing the flag have made the following arguments: The Australia Coat of Arms consists of a shield portraying the badges of the six Australian states, enclosed by an ermine border. Until the late s the Federation Flag remained more popular than the Australian flag for public and even some official events.

You should also not change it because people might be offended by it in some way. So much so, they have called for the flag to replace the Union Jack on Australia's official flag. This phenomena is not new and thousands of illegal immigrants have come into US through either the Mexico border, the Pacific Ocean, or through many other ways.

One white Australian man even discovered that he was breaking the law because he gave his Aboriginal mate a trip to work. Grog is smuggled into Parliament House to avoid the ban. Non-Aborigines went for the beers commonly bought in a round.

Scott also explained that when he applied for a certificate of Aboriginality, it was denied, even though he was obviously of Aboriginal descent. From a legal perspective, the Federal government wasn't liable because it had been constitutionally forbidden to make laws targeted at Aborigines until Shane Mortimer was an example of an individual adopting a social identity and being offended that someone continued to see him in individualistic terms.

Instead, his concern was that he could not escape the stereotype of Aboriginal disadvantage criminality, poor education, domestic violence that was always applied to him on the basis of his physical appearance.

Know to not change the flag if you change the flag people will not know what the Australin frag is and was.

Australia shouldn't rush to change the flag

Australian flags include the Aboriginal flag, Torres Strait Island flag and many ensigns used in defence and civilian organisations. For example, 70 per cent of people who identify as Aboriginal live in cities.

Should the Australian Flag Be Changed?

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For example, a Muslim may be offended if he went to a dinner party and was offered a beer. The stories of the Stolen Generations was told in the official report: The aim of the lessons is to help the organisations understand how Aborigines think so that the cultural understandings can be relied upon when Aborigines are encountered.

The financial cost of a country changing its national flag outweighs any advantages. He was quoted as saying: Likewise, Indigenous leader Warren Mundine responded to a UN report saying the intervention was racist by saying "I think this Rapporteur's report should be dealt with the same as every other Rapporteur's report; just drop it in the bin and actually get on with the job.

In particular, the flag makes no mention of indigenous Australiansmany of whom regard the Union Jack as a symbol of colonial oppression and dispossession. Before then, the Union Jack took precedence and confusion reigned between whether the red or blue version of the Australian flag was to be preferred, with the red often winning out.

It has been adopted as a symbol by some of the more militant trade unions and has also been used as symbol of the republican movement. The politicians find that they are a bit insulting to their intelligence.The outcome of change is conveyed through the pull quote which is situated at the centre of the article, highlighting the theme “I wasn’t completely Vietnamese in an Australian society, nor completely Australian in a Vietnamese society.

Should Australia change their flag? Why? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 23 Answers. The Australian flag has a large, seven pointed star in the lower hoist - known as the Commonwealth, or Federation, Star I'm not saying a flag should be changed willy nilly but ours really is a strange way to represent a confident, independent and modern.

The Australian flag was designed in after a competition was held to allow Australians to design our own flag – something that had never been done before. However, years on and there is a debate on why the Australian flag should be changed.

Concluding an essay words for literature closing words to an essay climate change opinion essays essays on why i teach usmc leading marines essay turning points history essay are we a product of our environment essay. The Flags Act subesquently proclaimed the Australian blue ensign as the Australian National Flag and the Australian red ensign as the flag for merchant ships registered in Australia An amendment to the Flags Act was passed in to ensure that the Australian National Flag can be changed only with the agreement of the Australian people.

New Zealand has a history of debate about whether the national flag should be changed. For several decades, alternative designs have been proposed, with varying degrees of support.

Australian National Flag

There is no consensus among proponents of changing the flag as to which design should replace the flag.

Should the australian flag be changed essay
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