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Most of them are not even aware of the provisions of marriage laws mentioned in detail in the Indian constitution. The fact that dharmasastra was the only body of law that was written, studied, and systematically cultivated combined with the prestige of its Brahman expositors, the patronage of royal authority, and the striving of many groups for social advancement to spread this "higher" law to more groups on more topics of law.

But the official language does not neces- saiily gain at the expense of household languages. Though by their very nature they are not justifiable in the court of law, yet the state authorities have to answer for them to the electorate at the time of election.

What is distinctive is how modem law deals with thii situation and the piocesses of change that it sets in motion. The adoption of the universal adult suffrage Article without any qualification either of sex, property ,taxation or the like is a bold experiment in India Salient feature of hindu law regard to the vast extent of the country and its population with an overwhelming illiteracy.

Religious freedom under the Constitution of India, Article 25 to 28 It guarantees to every person the freedom of conscience and the right to profess ,practice and propagate religion in a secular state the state only regulates the relationship between man and man.

This duaHstic legal situation is piesent with special intensity in the newei states, but it obtains in most modem socie- ties to a gieatei oi lessei degree.

Lawyers replace mere general agents. The Indian Penal Code has also extra territorial jurisdiction in the sense that it applies to all the Indian citizen even outside Indian territory.

Religious sanctions and inspiration are replaced by secular motives and techniques; moral intuition is re- placed by technical expertise. It tolerates no rivals; it dissolves away that which cannot be transformed into modern law and absorbs the remainder.

It defines the Rights of its citizen and rules concerning the political set-up. The legal woild is tiansfoimed from congeries of more oi less independent chapels into a few hierar- chic churches.

But this was by absorption and acceptance, not by imposition. A modern system bieaks the tie of law with local and group opinion; this can be liberating for the dissenter and the deviant.

What are the Characteristic Features of a Hindu Coparcenary? (7 Features)

Eighth, as the system becomes more technical and complex, there appear specialized professional intermediaries between the courts and the persons who must deal with them. But the point is that all legal systems aie comprised of these "modem" featuies in uneven mixtuies with tiaditional ones, just as modem and tiadi- tional featuies aie interwoven thioughout almost eveiy society.

They become law only when mediated thiough ideas of lemote lawmakeis and the tech- Marc Galanter niques of professional judges. In the newei nations, the piocess goes on even moie lapidly, moie visibly, and often moie painfully.

Theological and formalistic tech- niques, for example, in the field of evidence are replaced by func- tional ones. Again, any legal sys- tem that extends over a wide area must be multilevel.

This feature of the Constitution can be better understood in the historical background upon which the federalism has been introduced in India and also in the light of the experience and other federal countries.

What are the Salient Features of “Stridhan”? – Hindu Law

An official language does not become a household language; each generation must undergo anew the process of estrangement. It treats all religions equally. It is instructive to compare the fate of colonial law with that of colonial languages.

The higher law might deflect the local and might be deflected by it.Salient feature of IT Act – A comparative study September 16, Cyber law is important because it touches almost all aspects of transactions and activities on and involving the internet, World Wide Web and cyberspace.

Salient features of the Hindu Marriage Act, Hindu Marriage Act, has reformed Hindu law of Marriage. It is a landmark in the history of social legislation. Hindu Marriage Act The Hindu Marriage Act, is enacted to amend and codify the law relating to marriage among Hindus.

The following are the salient features of the Hindu Marriage Act, The Special Marriage Act, is an Act of the Parliament of India enacted to provide a special form of marriage for the people of India and all Indian nationals in foreign countries, irrespective of the religion or faith followed by either party.

Salient features of the Hindu Marriage Act, salient-features-of-the-hindu-marriage-acthtml Author: [email protected] Published: September 7,am Hindu Marriage Act, has reformed Hindu law of Marriage.

It is a landmark in the history of social legislation. salient features of the hindu marriage act Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act () - Wikipedia The Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act was enacted in India in as part of the Hindu Code Bills.

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Salient feature of hindu law
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