British comedy yes minister offers brilliant satire in humor

Recently, I experienced an insightful exception to this rule. Glazebrook is an amiably vague "chap" a word he uses frequently to describe banking colleaguesof impeccable respectability, very little actual financial knowledge, and no fixed opinions on anything.

He thinks everyone likes him and respects him as a boss.

Yes Minister

While the series, in my opinion, lacks the laugh out loud moments that many other programs on this list have. The writers also met several leading senior civil servants under the auspices of the Royal Institute of Public Administrationa think-tank for the public service sector, which led to the development of some plot lines.

The reserved, dignified Sir Arnold is a master manipulator, to whom Sir Humphrey often turns for counsel.

The Complete Yes Prime Minister

Some people think that satire is the only form of pop culture worth taking seriously. Many television programs take great influence from Basil Fawlty and the series physical humor. He is appointed Cabinet Secretary just as Hacker's party enters a leadership crisis, and is instrumental in Hacker's elevation to Prime Minister.

The series is still shown on television today and people continue to enjoy the satirical British humour. She has an absurd affair with Alan Statham Heapwith whom she explores her kinky desires, but is reluctant to admit to their strange mating-dance.

The show title is set in bold condensed and the credits are in bold. There ought to be a paragraph about stage satire, including its history, dating back to the Vision of the Golden Rump, a satire on the Hanoverian King George II, which at the time, was subject to enormous political satire.

The final scene of the series is also one of the most saddening and moving for a comedy series. Casting[ edit ] Nigel Hawthorne had worked with Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn before, and he and Paul Eddington claimed they immediately recognized the quality of writing of the series, but Jay and Lynn state that both actors asked for a second episode script and a third scriptafter having read the pilot script, before committing to the series.

Hacker eventually sent Weisel on a deliberately lengthy worldwide fact-finding assignment, from which he did not return. The pilot was produced in but not transmitted immediately for fear that it could influence the results of the May UK General Election.

The same high standards in public life are required here, as everywhere else. And can I see if he's reading it from an idiot board The Scarfe and Hazlehurst credits were used for some repeat broadcasts of the first episode, but the original pilot credits were retained for the DVD release.

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia whose job is to present the information in verifiable sources. He is prone to potentially embarrassing blunders, and is a frequent target of criticism from the press and stern lectures from the Chief Whip.

Before long, Hacker begins to notice that Civil Service tactics are preventing his planned changes being put into practice. In a Radio Times interview to promote Yes, Prime Minister, Paul Eddington stated, "He's beginning to find his feet as a man of power, and he's begun to confound those who thought they'd be able to manipulate him out of hand.

Sir Frank Gordon the Permanent Secretary to the Treasury is a friend and often a rival as they jostle for supremacy within the civil service. The digitiser made no claim to possession of copyright conferred or not conferred by the considerable efforts needed to digitise the material for distribution to a wider audience.

I thought at that point that the only way that I could ever contribute to politics is making fun of the politicians. Although she is smitten by both, Guy is a bit too overpowering in his attempts and seems to be obsessed with his Swiss past. She explains to Jim Hacker that she wants a job that will appreciate her as a person and where she personally can achieve things and therefore has accepted a job at a merchant bank.

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Yes Minister Political satire in which well-meaning MP Jim Hacker has a fast introduction to the world of Whitehall and must then struggle against the Civil Service × Another comedy also has this name.

Feb 25,  · Two of these shows stood out; "Blackadder" and "Yes Minister" "Yes Minister" is the supremely witty and genuinely funny portrayal of the battle of the Ministerial Will and the Administrative Won't. The characters were highly developed and hilariously funny/10(K).

Nov 23,  · Why I'm thankful for British political sitcoms — and why the U.S. versions always fall flat These are among the finest works of political satire of our time.


"Yes, Minister/Prime Minister. The Top 12 British Comedies of All Time – Best Britcoms With Clips! January 25, By Guest Writer. Yes, Minister/Yes, Prime Minister time working on the site and planning our yearly trips to Britain.

Yes Minister is a successful satire Discuss

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Yes Minister came sixth in a BBC poll to find 'Britain's Best Sitcom'. In a list of the Greatest British Television Programmes drawn up by the British Film Institute invoted by industry professionals, Yes Minister and Yes, Prime Minister were jointly placed ninth.

British comedy yes minister offers brilliant satire in humor
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